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Welcome to mn-LAB | Exclusive Workshop

Workshop on IP Routing


• Understanding the TCP/IP and OSI Model
• Understanding packet Encapsulation and De-encapsulation Process
• Understanding ARP Operation
• Understanding the Role of Router
• Understanding IP Routing
• Understanding Routing Table Principle
• Understanding Routing Table Lookup
• Understanding and Configuring Static Route
• Understanding and Configuring Floating Static Route
• Understanding Classful and Classless Behavior
• Classification of Dynamic Routing Protocol
• Understanding Dynamic Routing Protocol's Operation
• Understanding Cost, Metric and Administrative Distance
• Understanding and Configuring RIPv1, RIPv2
• Understanding RIP Timers: Invalid, Flush, Holddown
• Understanding RIP Hold-down Timer, Split Horizon Rule, Random Jitter
• Understanding and Configuring Passive Interface
• Understanding and Configuring Default-information Origination
• Understanding and Configuring Loopback Address
• Understanding and Configuring Route Redistribution
• Understanding the Implications of Routing Loops
• Understanding and Configuring EIGRP
• Understanding the Mechanism of DUAL
  - Successor (S)
  - Feasible Successor (FS)
  - Feasible Distance (FD)
  - Reported Distance (RD) / Advertised Distance (AD)
  - Feasible Condition or Feasibility Condition (FC)
• Understanding EIGRP Packet Types
• Understanding the Calculation of EIGRP Composite Metric
• Understanding and Configuring Route Summarization / Super-netting
• Understanding and Configuring Equal and Unequal Cost Load Balancing
• Understanding and Configuring Router ID
• Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Routing Protocols
• Understanding Cisco Packet Switching Technique
  - Process Switching
  - Fast Switching
  - Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF)

Some Photos

Some Participants of this workshop

Date and Time:

March 31, 2017 (Friday)
9:30 am to 6:30 pm


CSL Training (Dhanmondi Branch)
House# 18 (new), Road# 27 (old)
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh

Target Audience:

• ISP professionals.
• Other IT professionals having minimum CCNA certification.


• Participants must have clear understanding on IP addressing and sub-netting.
• Participants must complete CCNA level training/certification.
• Participants must bring their own laptops, power adapters, short UTP cables etc.
• Participants must have willingness to note the class lectures.


• Exclusive Hands-on Training.
• Presentation Slides. (But participants must have willingness to note the critical points)
• Lunch
• Tea/Coffee
• Certificate

Final List of Participants

SL  Name of Participants  Organization
01  Md. Humayun Kabir  Link2Day
02  Biplob Chandro Sil  Dhaka Fiber Net Ltd
03  Md. Ashiqur Rahman  Telnet Communication Ltd
04  Faisal Quayum  RanksITT
05  Md Abdul Malek  Stargate Communications Ltd
06  Alamin Mohammad  Orbund LLC
07  Anisur Rahman  Tithi Communication
08  Dipenker Dey  Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd
09  Md. Wasim Uddin  Leads Corporation Ltd
10  Md. Uzzal Ahmed  Mymensingh Easynet BD
11  A.J.M. Shafiul Azam  Al Arafah Islami Bank Ltd
13  Md. Hussainul Kabir Chowdhury  Rocket Technologies
14  Tareq Md. Saifullah  Aftab IT
15  Md. Inzamul Islam  Atom Asia Pacific
16  A B M Kamrul Ahasan Majumder  Bangla Trac Limited