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Welcome to mn-LAB | Exclusive Workshop

Workshop on MPLS L3 VPN Deployment


• Introduction to MPLS
• Understanding IP Routing Table Lookup Process
• Understanding Label Distribution Protocol
• Configuring MPLS Backbone
• Understanding P, PE, and CE
• Understanding LDP Neighbor Establishment Process
• Understanding Label Based Forwarding
• Understanding Label Swaping Process
• Understanding PHP Process
• Understanding Label Switch Path
• Understanding RIB, FIB, LIB, LFIB, and CEF
• Understanding MPLS Layer-3 VPN
• Undertanding and Configuring MBGP
• Undertanding and Configuring VRF
• Exporting and Importing Routes between VRF and MBGP
• Configuring MPLS Point-to-Point Layer-3 VPN
• Configuring MPLS Multipoint Layer-3 VPN

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Date and Time:

April 28, 2017 (Friday)
9:30 am to 6:30 pm


CSL Training (Dhanmondi Branch)
House# 18 (new), Road# 27 (old)
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh

Target Audience:

• ISP professionals having good understanding on BGP and OSPF
• Other IT professionals having equivalent knowledge


• Participants must have clear understanding on OSPF, eBGP, and iGP.
• Participants must complete CCNA level training/certification.
• Participants must bring their own laptops, power adapters, short UTP cables etc.
• Participants must have willingness to note the class lectures.


• Exclusive Hands-on Training.
• Presentation Slides. (But participants must have willingness to note the critical points)
• Lunch
• Tea/Coffee
• Certificate

Final List of Participants

SL  Name of Participants  Organization
01  T.M. Misbah Kamal  BDCom Online Ltd
02  Sajib Nandi  Triangle Services Limited
03  Md. Barek Sarker  ADN Telecom Ltd
04  Md. Arif Hasan  ADN Telecom Ltd
05  Kazi Golam Kibria  Akij Group
06  Abu Juha Ahmed Muid  Aamra Network Limited
07  Shafee-Ul-Mahmud Chowdhury  MetroNet Bangladesh Ltd
08  Mithun Mallik  MetroNet Bangladesh Ltd
09  Dewan Mohiul Azam Chowdhury  
10  A.B.M.FORHAD MOZUMDER  Fiber@Home Ltd
11  Md. Iqbal Patwary  T.K. Group Of Industries
13  Faisal Quayum  Ranks ITT
14  Aminul Islam  BDCOM Online Ltd
15  MD MAHBUBUR RAHMAN  Agni Systems Ltd
16  Md. Ismail Hossain  Banglaphone Ltd
17  Saiful Islam Bhuiyan  BRACNet Limited
18  Nur E Zaid  BURO Bangladesh
19  Md. Al Imran Chowdhury  Link3 Technologies Ltd
20  Md. Kaicer  T.K. Group Of Industries