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Welcome to mn-LAB | Exclusive Workshop

Workshop on Basic eBGP Routing


• Understanding IGP and EGP
• Understanding Autonomous System (AS).
• Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Concept.
• How does BGP work?
• Understanding eBGP and iBGP.
• BGP Neighbor Relationship/eBGP Peering (Theory and Hands-on).
• BGP Prefix Origination (Theory and Hands-on).
• Understanding Pull Up Route.
• eBGP Peering using Loopback IP (Theory and Hands-on).
• eBGP-Multihop and Update-Source (Theory and Hands-on).
• eBGP Peer Redundancy (Theory and Hands-on).
• eBGP Load Balancing (Theory and Hands-on).
• Other Techniques of Prefix Origination (Theory and Hands-on).
• Understanding BGP Prefix Filtering/Route Filtering.
• Configuring Prefix-List and Route-Map (Theory and Hands-on).
• Understanding BGP Transit AS.
• Understanding the difference between Transit Relationship and Peering Relationship.
• Configuring BGP Transit AS (Theory and Hands-on).
• Understanding the difference between Prefix Origination and Prefix Announcement.
• Connecting Clients through eBGP using Private AS (Theory and Hands-on).
• Understanding the AS Path.
• Configuring Basic iBGP Peering (Theory and Hands-on).
• Understanding BGP Multihoming.
• Configuring Simple Multihoming (Theory and Hands-on).
• Configuring Policy Based Routing with IPSLA (Theory and Hands-on).
• Concept of Internet Exchange.
• Configuring BDIX Routing (Theory and Hands-on).
• Understanding the Internet Architecture.
• Understanding Default Free Zone.
• Understanding the Role of RIRs and NOGs.
• BGP Best Practices.

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Date and Time:

November 11, 2016 (Friday)
09 am to 05 pm


CSL Training (Dhanmondi Branch)
House# 18 (new), Road# 27 (old)
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh

Target Audience:

• ISP professionals.
• Other IT professionals having minimum CCNA certification.


• Participants must have clear understanding on IP addressing and sub-netting.
• Participants must have clear understanding on IP routing such as Static, RIP, EIGRP and OSPF.
• Participants must complete CCNA level training/certification.
• Participants must have experience in GNS3 emulator software.
• Participants must bring their own laptops, power adapters, short UTP cables etc.
• Participants must have willingness to note the class lectures.


• Exclusive Hands-on Training.
• Presentation Slides. (But participants must have willingness to note the critical points)
• Lunch
• Tea/Coffee
• Certificate

Final List of Participants

SL  Name of Participants  Organization
01  Ujjal Biswas  Agni Systems Ltd
02  Md. Jahirul Islam Kamal  ip Link Network
04  Atikur Rahman  Aknet Ltd
05  Md. Saifullah  Liz Fashion Industry Limited
06  Shahanaj Begum  Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
07  A.K.M. Benozir Alam  Banglaphone Ltd
08  Abu Yousuf  ADN Telecom Limited
09  Md. Aslam Jabed  United Commercial Bank Limited
10  Mongthowaing Me Rakhain  Infolink
11  Shidul Alam Kaisar  Link3 Technologies Ltd
12  Masba Uddin Rumi
13  Md. Ruhullah-Al-Maruf  Bashundhara Group
14  Ahsan Kabir  Telnet Communication Ltd
15  Sk. Reza Mohammad Faisal  Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
16  Md. Ziaul Haque  BracNet Ltd
17  Mahmud Hasan  Aknet Ltd
18  Nayem Hossen  Bay Emporium Ltd
19  Md. Shariful Islam  Bangladesh Online (BOL)
20  Md. Imran Shahriar  Bashundhara Group
21  Md. Mahmudul Hasan  Bashundhara Group